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Our Chef

Lefteris Lazarou born in 1952 to a father who worked as a ship-chef, never thought of following a different path. When he was 15, he started working with his father in ship kitchens during the summers. As time went by, he decided to create a “boat” on land, a kitchen that will never get rocked by the waves.


Our Place

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The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful places, the Mikrolimano marina, in front of the sea, has easy access from  downtown Athens & Piraeus and provides its visitors an elegant atmosphere and an outstanding view.


Our Menu

Exquisite flavours while enjoying the surroundings of the beautiful new “Varoulko seaside” restaurant, the picturesque sea view in the Mikrolimano marina where it is situated and its enchanting atmosphere by night, the impeccable service and the affordable prices.Enjoy excellent Greek cuisine in one of the most famous restaurants in Athens.