|  SOUP  |

Fish soup made with fresh tomatoes, rock fish broth and fish chunks

|  SALADS  |

Greek salad with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, small cucumbers from Knossos, scallions, Kalamata olives, green peppers, capers and carob rusk bites

Warm stamnagathi greens, lemon flavoured olive oil with fresh Myzithra cheese and carob syrup (haroupomelo) sauce

Mesclun salad with sun-dried tomatoes and pickled peppers   with a mint and parsley vinaigrette


Greek eggplant salad (melitzanosalata)

Boiled octopus marinated in vinegar (htapodi xydato)

Lightly cured fish in olive oil (lakerda) with sweet onion and chives

Marinated sea bass with stamnagathi greens

Fish roe dip (taramosalata) made with white fish roe, extra virgin olive oil and lemon

Smoked herring dip (reggosalata) with sauteed onion, extra virgin olive oil and lemon 

Marinated anchovies with marinated zucchinis, tomato concassé and parsley


Fried squid

Fried small fish

Steamed mussels with lemon and oil

Mussels cooked in the pan (saganaki) with feta cheese, oil and oregano, and lemon juice

Steamed clams in Limnio wine, garlic and parsley

Grilled cuttlefish with caramelized lentils and orange sauce

Grilled octopus from the greek island of Kalymnos

Grilled squid with black eyed beans and marjoram, flavored with cumin

Breaded smoked eel served with a small salad 


Shrimp cooked with garlic, parsley and lemon juice

Desalted dry cod, optionally served with traditional garlic dip (skordalia)

Grilled red mullet fillets with a light lemon sauce

Spinach with rice and cuttlefish

Steamed monkfish  (price per kilo)

Grilled fish  (price per kilo)